About us

We are a team with different skills, the focus is on new products to the market, both in offshore, marine and fish farming. Our expertise includes the mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and software discipline. If you need help with design, or want to buy any of our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

Why us?

  • We deliver value added products with documentation
  • Our production is in Scandinavia
  • High quality components by Parker, BR, Hydman, Servi
  • Case study, 3D animation of the products
  • Flexibility
  • Confidential and close cooperation with customers


  • Good customer service
  • Cost effiency by reducing overhead costs, but still maintaining the quality of the products
  • Our aim is to provide right-first-time and right-on-time services to all our customers

Our Experience

  • Process containers
  • HPU
  • Flush Skids
  • Killhose reel
  • Winch (Active/ Heave)
  • PLC Control system
  • Deck Machinery Equipment
  • Elevator for case handling
  • BOP Handling Equipment
  • Design & GA Plan
  • Pipe handling system
  • Marine Cranes
  • Motion compensation