Our Projects

Dry ice factory

We have started a dry ice factory at Voll on Klepp. This is a separate department «wi-co2.no» We cooperate with horeco2.com and can offer dry ice, and blasting equipment, and insulated containers for storage of dry ice. We also offer service and maintenance of dry ice machines



Midt-Norsk Havbruk has entered into the contract for the construction of the new sea farming with Fosen Yard. New «supermerd» is a semi-closed steel merd. The name of the concept depicts the legendary US prison island Alcatraz.

WI innovate has delivered the electrical and software solution to lift the entire cage for emptying the fish or for maintenance purposes. A remote access system allows to monitor and support the system onshore.

Portable dry Ice Pelletizer

 Offshore portable dry ice machine containers.

we are working on a design of a portable machine that produces dry ice offshore.


Our services

  • RCA (Root cause analysis)
  • 3D scanning,
  • 3D Animation,
  • Project Consultant
  • Design (Hydraulic, Mechanical,  Electrical & Software)
  • Survey, Installation & Re-building