Our Product

Multi-Purpose Winches

The capability of WI innovate as in offering a tailor made winch is well known. The type of Marine and Offshore winches we are able to provide are:
    • Marine: Mooring winches, Anchor Windlass, Rope Spooling winches, Towing winches, Anchor Handling Towing winches, Tugger winches, Capstan winches, Manrider winches, Storage winches;

    • Offshore: Subsea winches, Lifting winches, Dual/Triple Drum winches, Guideline winches, Utility winches, Net Handling winches;
The functionality may include Constant Tension (CT) and Active Heave Compensated (AHC). A feature specially used for in subsea applications. The SWL in our scope ranges from 150kg to 50t. The winches can be class certified if required, specially by DNVGL.
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